"well, one thing i’ve learned - never put your trust in love"

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Noiz and Aoba » DRAMAtical Murder 3


that pose tho

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@AH_Michael: Be who you are. Stand your ground, and be an asshole when you have to, but only when appropriate. Haters always gonna hate.

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Doodling while watching the RT Podcast



sarge’s epithets are seriously the greatest part of this series


Musketeers Character Tropes  (x) - Athos

Aramis and D’Artagnan in 1.04 The Good Soldier

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important character development questions

  • under what circumstances do they lick a thing to claim it as their own
  • what are their feelings, hypothetical or otherwise, regarding the High School Musical series
  • whose face(s) would they draw dicks on in sharpie if they saw them passed out on a couch at a party
  • what would their reaction be to seeing Frozen in theaters and witnessing Hans doing the douchebag thing
  • i dunno where to go from here; i made this post solely for the HSM one

i am now having college!au thoughts aramis will lick the last slice of pizza if they’re with other people but he will always let porthos have it if he wants they all watched hsm blazed first year and everyone remembers athos liking it if they’re fuzzy on their own feelings they all remember that aramis and porthos draw dicks on red guards’ faces while athos stands guard they all went and saw frozen with constance and had to stop athos and porthos from yelling obscenities (tehriz)



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This is like, super Samurai Shamploo. 


We at Ramsey’s Landscaping & Florist take the end of the world very seriously: prepare your anuses for war, gentlemen!

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